06.02.2015 When You Can`t Breathe

You try... You really do your best. Every single day of your life. You always try to satisfy all requirements and tasks from all side in your life. Its hard to keep going on, because you are so tired of everything. Life should not be a war where you have to be in the lead year in and year out, without rest. Its not human. You look at me with a smile and your head raised up like this is not so bad. But I know your heart is filled with pain and surrounded byy tears and loneness. I want to hug you and tell you that I want to help you. You are loved! And you are absolutely the strongest person I know! You`re my HERO! I wish I could make your world better, but we both know so well I cannot help you out. Nobody can. Its to far complicated, and I barley understand any of the problems since you hide it all behind your mask so well. And I know why you do that. You simply try to survive it all. I know your afaird to tell the world, because they wont understand. They will just make it worse. Make you feel worse about yourself...But if you dont, its okay. We can just hang out and talk about clothes, the news, boys or movies. You just need to know that you`re not Alone! 



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